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    I'm 4 and a half weeks pregnant after a 12 week loss (blighted ovum) in April. I have had quite bad cramping overnight with some bleeding. I am assuming that I am loosing the baby. I had a horrific experience in hospital with my last miscarriage and since its only early I would prefer to stay home and let nature take it's course. Part of me is hoping that it will be ok, but I guess in my heart I know I'm miscarrying. What can I expect to experience with an early loss like this? The pain was quite bad last night, I needed panadol and a heat pack and It kept me awake, but I've only had a small amount of bleeding so I guess theres more to come......

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    Sorry I don't have any advice but and I am so sorry that this is happening again

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    Sorry no advice just a big ...

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    Hon - I think because you are quite early you can probably do this one at home providing all is ok and the blood loss is not unreasonable. I would imagine the 12 week loss would have been harder for you because its more advanced.

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    Hi hun,
    just wanted to offer some support and let you know you aren't alone.
    I am going through exactly the same thing ATM and like you my last loss was 12 weeks, so I have no idea either.

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    Thanks everyone for your kind words and for sharing your experiences. I'm sorry that any of us have to go through this, especially more than once. I have been to the dr for a blood test to confirm, just for my piece of mind, and then I might just have a glass of wine......

    Kim - How are you going? xox
    SarahRach - I just read you birth story for your beautiful boys, thank you for sharing, that must have been very difficult xox

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