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Thread: Infection after missed m/c? *Warning TMI*

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    Unhappy Infection after missed m/c? *Warning TMI*


    ok so some of you know about what has happened with me recently, ill quickly re-cap just so i can get the best possible answer's here...

    On the 11th march we started loosing our baby. I was only 4.5/5 week's but we were still just totally guttered. For a week, we got to enjoy the excitement that expecting another baby bring's...

    Anyhow, on the day i started lightly bleeding.. saw my dr and she did a bt. Level was 24 and she was happy at that stage and said to re do the BT 2 days later. The bleeding stayed light... were no tissue in any of it and so we were really hoping it wasnt a m/c.

    Anyway, the next BT level was 6 so it was confirmed, we lost the baby. I did not bleed again after the Friday, so that was only 2 days of light bleeding. I went back to see my dr a week and a half later and we re-did the test as she questioned still being pregnant... (i was curious as to why i hadn't bled more) anyway, that BT came back 0 so i definitely lost the baby....

    Anyhow - last week was 5 week's post m/c and i had started to wonder why i hadn't had an AF... then on Wednesday night (15th) i started to get cramp's and had slight spotting. In the early hour's of Thursday morning i started bleeding heavily. VERY heavily. The pain was getting so bad, that i could not sleep.. panadol, nurofen, heat pack's, nothing was even touching it.. so i started questioning if this was in fact a normal AF.....

    Thursday the pain and bleeding got that bad i just knew something was wrong... so i went to the GP. He rang the hospital straight away and sent me there, telling me i needed a d&c, that id had a missed m/c (so to speak, yes we knew but my body didnt 'get rid' of the left overs )....

    Anyhow, while there... while they were organising me to go and have a D&C, my body passed it all naturally... a scan showed all had basically come away.

    They felt that i should be OK without the D&C, but because i carried what was left from the pregnancy for 5 week's, that they were stunned id had no sign's of infection, and i was high risk.

    They have put me on anti-b's... which i couldn't get until today, so i have just started taking them. So, it has been 6 day's since this happened (OMG i didn't realise it had been so long )

    Anyhow, the bleeding has just basically stopped as of yesterday, still get a bit here and there when i wipe but not flowing... i am now getting pain. I dont know how to explain it.. its not cramping so to speak, it is, i dont know. It is enough to be annoying and make me really short and niggly with DF and he kids, and it is increasing.

    I have also noticed a bit of a smell, but then its not too bad like, one minute i think there is one, then next time i check there isnt.... and thats only as of today..... wasn't around before

    I guess i just wanna know, how should i watch this?? obviously i would say i have an infection, by the pain and the smell... and seriously, carrying the 'baby' for 5 week's what could i expect?!

    But, what i want to know is what to watch for? how do i measure this?

    Just looking for anyone with experience, who may have had a missed m/c and then an infection or something.... anything...

    I am not sure if the fact im on anti-biotic's is ok enough and i should just be fine... i remember vaguely (they gave me 3 lots of morphine so i was high as a kite - thats how bad the pain was)... i remember vaguely the doc said, i needed to go back to the dr to get result's on IF there is an infection and what type, from the test's they did. I havent called or seen the dr (bad i know i guess i just, i dunno.. i havent dealth with this m/c well at all )..

    So, should i go see the GP tomorrow? and in the mean time - what do i look for that means i should go to a dr sooner??

    I just have never been here before...and feel really like im in un-chartered water's

    to anyone who has gotten this far, thank you.. and if you reply THANK YOU even more
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    I am sorry for your loss !
    If i were you i would pop to the doctors tomorrow- just in case.
    Even though you are taking antibiotics it may pay to get checked. I wouldnt like to see you in even more pain.

    Hope you get it all sorted and on the road to recovery as best you can.

    You are in my thoughts.
    Take care

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    I am sorry to hear about your loss.
    I would continue taking the AB's and maybe some pain relief if you need it. Test your temperature as if its an infection you will probably have temperature. Also with infection you often have a discharge that can be in the form of a funny AF or much lighter. Your CM may indicate there is an infection. AB's should take over 24hrs to start working. If you go to the dr tomorrow they can give you a referral for BT that will show if your white cell count is high which indicates infection. One of the risk of a uterine infection is hemorrage so I would monitor any blood loss. You can carry the baby for many weeks and still not get an infection. If there are any retained products that have caused an infection you will most likely need a D&C so probably best to go to the dr just to be sure.

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    Sorry to hear you have gone through this. I would suggest continuing with analgesia and ABs and also see Dr tomorrow as the ABs may not be strong enough or appropriate to kill bugs from infection.

    I hope you feel better soon and get your BFP

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    If you have only just started taking the antibiotics then you may be more at risk of a pelvic infection having developed due to the 6 day delay (but with sleep deprivation I may have misread you )

    Things to look for with an infection post miscarriage are odour (foul and distinctive from your normal, healthy female scent), discharge (greenish or yellowish is a concern), fevers and pelvic pain / discomfort. TBH, I would see your GP ASAP as a pelvic infection can have significant consequences for fertility. It is hard to assess the severity yourself as you might seem well but not be.

    Look after yourself honey A miscarriage can throw you right out emotionally as well as physically but you need to make sure you look after you while you grieve and deal with the various emotions.

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    im so sorry to hear of your loss huni,
    although i didnt have a m/c i had a infection after a d&c,mirena fitting, camera & biopsys.
    i had bad pain, bleeding and smell about 2 weeks after i had it put in...went the doc who said it was a infection but as im on morphine for pain relief at home anyway they could only give me abs nothing else.
    id suggest see how you go tonight and if you feel worse go the emergency room if you need to.
    lots of hugs hun

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