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Thread: Just want it over and done with *vent*

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    Berenice, I had mine done late on a Tuesday evening. We went home quite late that same night - I was a little groggy from the GA the next day, and while emotionally I wasn't able to go anywhere or do anything for a while, I reckon that physically I was pretty much right two days afterwards. You may be ok to keep your friend company, but I wouldn't be driving unless you are absolutely confident you are fine.

    I had very little pain and very little bleeding after mine. I was given strong painkillers but didn't actually need them - I guess I'd describe it as slight cramping, but I generally have way worse period pain. Bleeding - not much more than spotting and only for a couple of days. You'll probably get instructions about no baths, swimming or sex for a period of time, but it's honestly not that bad.

    Having been through two natural (albeit early) miscarriages after that - give me the D&C any day.


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    Hi, glad you have an end date now, good on you for speaking up.
    I had a d&c after a mc at 7 weeks. For some reason it was never up for question with my dr, it was just the next logical step :shrug:
    I remember being sad when I woke up, had a bit of a tear and the nurse came and gave me a cuddle and then got me a drink.
    Funnily enough, the thing I struggled most with was not being able to be um, intimate, afterwards. Not being able to reconnect physically with my man made me feel more alone than anything else.
    Big hugs, I'll be thinking of you, be gentle with yourself

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    Hey honey, just wanted to see how everything went xox

    I was thinking of you

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    Been thinking of you too.

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    I got out just after 7 last night, very groggy and surprised by the amount of pain I was in, but the pain was my fault - instead of sitting down like they told me, I was walking laps because I felt like I couldn't stay still. Once I listened to them and sat down the pain spiked for about 5 minutes, and then went down to about a 4 or 5/10 thankfully. Complete horror story trying to get the needle in for the anaesthetic drip - 8 goes with 2 anaesthetists and an ultrasound machine!!! And many bruises on the poor pin cushion

    I won't go into all the details, I'm putting it all in my blog, but I wanted to come in and say a big thank you (again!) to all of you

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