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Thread: The Light of Hope

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    Default The Light of Hope


    By Moonlight

    When you are down the bottom of the dark pit, look for the light of hope. It
    is stronger and brighter than a million candles burning in your heart. It is
    precious and unique and you will never lose it.

    Sometimes strong winds blow and the flames flicker and grow dim but, when
    the wind dies and all is calm, the glow is once again ignited to shine the
    lights beauty and radiance upon us all. Never doubt that you have this flame
    within you. Sometimes we forget to look for it and we flounder around in the
    darkness wondering where we are.

    All around you there is life and happiness - reach out and touch it for it
    will be attracted to your light and be yours if you have the faith to accept
    it. There is hope in that light of yours and you never lose it entirely
    because hope is eternal and, like a circle, keeps the windows of our minds
    alight so that the darkness will not engulf us entirely.

    So you keep enduring through the rain and the cold climbing a huge mountain
    in the dark - sometimes backwards and blindfolded. And then one day a small
    beam of light filters through - you squint and wonder what it is.

    It is the light of hope for it does exist. But first you must endure the
    worst elements, the worst pain, terror, confusion and misery but, when you
    reach the top of the mountain, look back down and realise, while standing in
    the light, the journey you have made. Then you will know why the light of
    hope exists.

    And if you ever feel lost as though in a maze again - you're not. For during
    the day all the wonders of mother nature will keep you company to buffer you
    from pain and lonliness. And at night, the beauty of the constellation
    continues to shine with the moon and the stars always there, even behind
    dark clouds and rain, the planets always shine for you.

    Yes life can be cruel and cold, but remember that there is love and
    understanding in the light of hope to wrap around you and shelter and protect
    you. Rejoice in the progress you have made each day for you have travelled a
    long winding track in your journey to find some happiness.
    May it always be yours in the light of hope.

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    kirsty Guest


    Okay still in tears over the two beautiful poems you have posted.

    Thank you

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    I wanted to bump this today to give us a reminder of the light of hope !

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    Thank you Trish,

    It really was a beautiful poem.

    Lynnette x

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    Thanks Trish...just what I needed today

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    Trish, thankyou so much for posting this. It is truly beautiful and just what I needed. There truly is light of Hope.

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    Thank you Trish for sharing this with us It is something that I needed to read today..........................just beautiful and heartfelt :hugs:

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    Thank you Trish for bumping this up for us all to read

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    Trish, thank you so much, that is beautiful.


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