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Thread: October 15th National Pregnancy & Infant loss Day

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    Default October 15th National Pregnancy & Infant loss Day

    A friend of mine has been lobbying our local MP's to get October 15th recognised as a National day in Australia - as it is International Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Day worldwide.

    She suffered the loss of her firstborn son in May.

    She is waiting to hear back from MP's -that is isn't a national day for something else and maybe taking it to Parliament .

    There are plans also for each state to have their own State leader and perhaps organise their own special candle light ceremonies to remember our little lost babes. Also to create more understanding of pregnancy loss at any stage.

    We are organising a candle light ceremony in our area at the moment (Hawkesbury).

    Last year internationally they called it a Wave of Light around the world at 7pm.

    Sids & Kids do not currently organise anything for this day.
    If you are interested in helping please email me for more information.
    She has also started a petition - email me and I can send you a copy.

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    Trish - send me details and a copy of that petition. I would like to see a special day where our losses are acknowledged.

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