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    Hi, I had a blighted ovum december of this year, which sadly ended up with a blighted ovum at 13 weeks. I am happy to say I am 6 weeks pregnant with my second baby, I am just soooooooooo scared It's really hard to talk to any of my friends, they have no idea what I have been through the roller coaster.

    I get my scan within 2 weeks. Has anyone had a blighted ovum and has has a healthy pregancy after?? I really do feel different this time, but who knows as each pregancy is different.

    It would be nice to know there are other women who have gone through this...


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    Hi Bella, I'm so sorry to hear that your first pregnancy was a blighted ovum. I too had the same thing happen to me (Obstetrician said it was either a blighted ovum, or a missed miscarriage where the baby had passed away some time ago because there was no sign of the baby on ultrasound). It was also my first pregnancy and I was absolutely devastated.

    When I fell pregnant 4 months later I was so happy, but at the same time I was terrified. Even though the Obstetrician told me that it was unlikely to happen again, I was still so worried that something would be wrong. The closer I got to my first scan the more excitement I felt, but also the more terrified I got. I was literally shaking the day we went in to see the baby for the first time (6w1d). But there on the screen was my beautiful little boy with a lovely strong heartbeat. It was the most magical thing I had ever seen. I cried when my Obstetrician put the sound on and I could hear that precious heart beating steadily. That precious little boy is now 14 months old! I'm now pregnant again (10w5d) and I felt those same panicky feelings before our first ultrasound this time as well. Once again my fears have been unfounded because this little one is also growing wonderfully and we have been able to see her on ultrasound with a beautiful heart beating, as well as listening to her heart beating on our fetal doppler at home.

    I've heard a number of people say that their pregnancies have felt different between a viable pregnancy and a blighted ovum, but to be honest, for me they were almost exactly the same. I've had morning sickness with all 3 pregnancies, as well a a number of other pregnancy symptoms. I think that's one of the things that have made it hard for me, because when people say that morning sickness is a good sign of a healthy pregnancy, I can't help but think back to my angel's pregnancy when the morning sickness wasn't a sign that all was well. Something that I find very upsetting after losing a baby is that you never have that "blissfully ignorant" pregnancy afterwards. You always worry, and you always wonder if something is going wrong, and will you see a heart beating at your next scan. When we went to our first scan with the first pregnancy it never even entered my mind that something might be wrong, so it was such a shock when we found out that we were never going to hold this baby in our arms. But while it may make some things harder, perhaps it gives us just that small bit of extra appreciation as to how lucky we are when we hold our beautiful little babies in our arms.

    I wish you all the best Bella, and I hope that your scan in 2 weeks shows you a gorgeous little baby with a strong heartbeat. And just remember, the worry you feel is all because of how much you already love your little baby, so take comfort in that love

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    Thank you so much for your kind words!! This will be my second baby. I have a healthy 2 year old girl. My second pregancy ended up as a blighted ovum. I guess that's why I am so scared it will happen again.

    I had a really hard time after my miscarrige, I felt extremely sick, morning, day and night I was so sick. My doctor says I have a very low chance of having another blighted ovum.

    I will keep you up dated on my scary as I found out during my 12 week scan that I had a blighted ovum, so I am trying to think postive as you know who our minds sometimes work!


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    Bella- I just wanted to pop in and wish you lots of sticky vibes. I too have had a Blighted Ovum, and it is not nice. I thought I would share what happened with mine so you get a bit of background. I had missed my AF in January, but was showing -ive on HPT's, went to Docs, and was told that when you want a baby bad enough you brain can tell your body to feel pregnant lol. I practically had to beg her to give me a request form to get a BT. I left there thinking maybe she was right and I was loony. So I waited until I missed my 2nd AF by 1 week (9 weeks pregnant) and had the BT done. My HCG levels were really high, and I went to the Doctors at what we thought was 10 weeks pregnant. They did a scan that day that looked like the sac was measuring 6 weeks, but I should have been 10 weeks and there should have definitley been a baby in there. They did say "maybe" I ovulated later therefore was not so far along, but they doubted that was the case. I decided to give it another 4 weeks, and if I had not Miscarried I would have another scan. That was the worst 4 weeks of my life (knowing I was pregnant but maybe no baby had developed) Well, 2 days before that scan I started M/C and passed the "pregnancy". I moved on, but started bleeding 1.5 weeks later, and went to make sure it was not an infection from leaving it in there for so long without a D&C. It showed a sac. So obviously there was 2 but the U/S (and the one from the day I m/c in the hospital) showed only 1. I ended up having a D&C, and we fell pregnant 2 cycles later. I am just over 7 weeks pregnant at the moment, and am having my 1st scan tomorrow morning. I too am scared as buggery, but at the end of the day, what will be, will be.

    I too have found that all my symptoms are completely different to Blighted Ovum pregnancy, I have less symptoms this time, and my tummy feels like normal (no stretching/pulling). I really don't know what I can say to make you feel better, I just wanted you to know you are not alone. One thing that put things into perspective for me, is, my friend had a M/C at 13 weeks. She fell pregnant again, after waiting 3 months, and was 1 week late to have the Baby, When she went into Labour, she thought all was great, her Labour was going well, and then they lost the Baby's heartbeat. 10 minutes later he was born, and 20 minutes later they got it going again, but sadly it was only the machines keeping him alive and he would be severely brain damaged. My heart just breaks for my friend and I guess I look at it as, she is holding herself together and TTC again, and I just look at her for inspiration. I want to be as strong as her if something (touch wood it doesn't) happens to us again. We can't change the outcomes, we can only control how we deal with them.

    Are you part of a Belly Buddies group? I am in one, and the girls are really good for support, and most of them have had Miscarriages themselves, great place to be when nervous. I wish you all the best, but check out the Belly Buddies group's. xxxx

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    Hey bella - I had the same thing here too - a blighted ovum at 11 weeks and a D&C just before Christmas '09 and now I am nearly 27 weeks along and all is fine. I second Babybino's suggestion on finding a BB group Here's to a happy and healthy one this time

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    Hey there.

    I had a blighted ovum last year at 10 weeks and I am now 40 weeks pregnant. It has been an anxious timebut well worth it!!!

    The bestest of best luck to you hun xx

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