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Thread: Should be celebrating, not greiving...

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    Default Should be celebrating, not greiving...

    I should be either 12 weeks or 7 weeks pregnant. But today i am neither. I should be celebrating Christmas with the joy that we would be welcome another addition to our family. But instead, I am greveing for the loss of my two little ones.

    So precious, so sweet.
    Never to know what this world is like.
    Never to get hugs and kisses from mummy and daddy.
    Never to see the sun shine, the stars twinkle, the rain fall.

    But so innocent they are.
    Not a single worry in the world.
    No troubles,
    no sadness,
    no reason to fear..

    Two holes in my heart that shouldn't be there.
    A sadness no mother should ever feel.
    Yet there are many of us out there, that know what it is like.
    To feel your heart tear in two.

    As my heart shreads for the loss of my angel babes
    I give them half my heart
    To keep with them
    Forever more...

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    Oh tegan {{*BIG HUGS*}}

    I totaly understand what you are saying, I am so excited about christmas for my kids but I am also so so sad about my m/c and I was looking forward to being able to smile knowing I had a baby on the way and that next christmas would be their first and now thats not so, I would have been 5 weeks pg and now I am just empty, I hope you have a great day with Lily and that your pain eases soon I will be thinking of you.

    the poems you write are so heartfelt and presious they always bring tears to my eyes but I love reading them as your words are beautiful,

    Merry Christmas Tegan I wish there was something I could say that would make it easier but only time will heal your broken heart as it will mine just know that you are not alone you have all of us for support.

    lots of luv and hugs :hugs:

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    Thanks Amy. Your words mean a lot to me.

    I am sorry for your recent loss

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    Tegan i know how you are feeling and i think a lot of us are feeling the same pain right now.

    Christmas for me is also just for the kids.

    You are all in my thoughts and i hope you do manage to have a lovely Christmas and may 2006 bring you some happiness as you truly deserve it.

    Your poems are so beautiful.

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    Melinda Guest


    IKWYM Tegan.

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    IKWYM too Tegan!

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    Tegan i havent expereinced what you mean but i really wanted to let you know you are in my thoughts all the time- I come on here all the time to check up on you.

    I only wish we were in the same state so i could give you a huge hug.

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    I really loved you poem.

    I know how you feel. My first bub should of been 6 weeks old now. And I should of been 12 weeks pregnant now.

    Yesterday I wrapped all my mothers christmas presents. ( I do this every year) My mom has even bought my sisters unborn bub presents. So wrapping them was so hard. I just keep telling myself that my angels would not want me to be unhappy. Especially now when I miss them more.

    Just remember that they will always be in your heart and always want you to be happy.

    With big hugs I wish you all the best for the new year


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