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    So as many of you know i had a missed misscarriage on april frist. now i am 13 weeks pregnate. But my angel who did not make it was buried in a cematary in a space that the hospital takes care of and we got told if you want to put a cross up or something to remmber your angel you can. I got a cross some flowers two pin wheels put the name on the cross. Ever since i got pregnate i have been stopping by once a week and cryed and prayed that this one will be the one. Well i stopped today and the cross and everything was gone i started to cry so hard i dont want the one that did not make it earth bound to be forgotten and it met so much to me. I went from crying to being so angry.

    Upon that this past weekend b/f had his kids here its stressful enough on fridays we pick then up which all together is over a 8 hour drive and same on sunday. Well most of the weekend was fine until we went to drop them off me and the b/f were talking and it turned into another angryment were he was givng me the finger and telling me to get out of his aptment when its the both of ours and telling me that everything is over with. Right infront of his kids. I should say his kids have grown to love me. It was mostly about the other women in his life and how he feels not stafied being wtih one person. We have a child on the way your 33 years old grow up. But this is suppost to be one of the happiest times in my life. The worry alone is enough for me to handle. Also one the girls who he use to see everytime she sees me she flips me off i cant deal with this i dont want to bring my child up around people like this

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    That sucks. I'm sorry your baby's memorial is gone.

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    Angelfish I would find out from the hospital if they had something to do with the removal of your baby's cross. If they didn't then maybe they need to be informed that vandals are getting into the cemetery.

    On the other matter I would be kicking his butt to the curb. You have enough stress atm and don't need to put up with his crap. If he can't keep it in his pants then he doesn't deserve you or your baby in his life. If you are having trouble finding another place or are worried about not being financial enough then centrelink can help you out. Ask to speak to a social worker and they are usually very good. I'm so sorry you are going through this with no support. Big hugs to you hun
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