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Thread: Thinking of you Kirsty

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    Default Thinking of you Kirsty

    Dear Kirsty thinking of you for 26th and your precious son angel ~Alex~.
    I can only imagine how this will be a heartrenching day. All babies are precious and our hopes and dreams continue to live as we keep them close to our heart. Sending you my warmest thoughts and biggest hugs.

    Loving memories of one so dear,
    Treasured still with a love sincere,
    In our hearts he is living yet,
    We loved him too dearly to forget.

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    tiggy Guest


    Me too Kirsty,

    My thoughts are with you and your family as you remember your precious son, Alex.
    I can understand how you must be feeling.

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    Ours thoughts are with you and your family Kirsty.

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    kirsty Guest


    Thanx guys, have to admit I have been in hiding atm as I'm not coping all that well with things. Just keep thinking that this time last year I was in an ambulance being sent into an unknown future, which as we are all aware resulted in the loss of our precious son in 2 days time.

    DH has bought me a beautiful jewellery box & has just given it to me as he can't wait until Saturday & my MIL gave me a beautiful card & a guardian angel pin last nite as they are away for the Easter weekend.

    Again thanx heaps for you warm wishes, am struggling but will get there I'm sure.

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    Dear Kirsty,

    Keep hanging in there. There is not much that any of us can say to ease your pain, or make you feel any better about what has happened, but take heart from the fact that one year later, you have survived and you will get stronger.


    Take care of yourself in this difficult time.

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    Kirsty, our thoughts will be with you and the family at this difficult time. HUGE to you, DH and James.

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    Hey Kirsty,

    How are you going sweetie? Have been thinking of you today. Lots of

    Take care.


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