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Thread: To women that have had recurrent miscarriages

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    Default To women that have had recurrent miscarriages

    Hi everybody. I need info! What tests are normally undertaken after reccurent miscarriage? i have had 4 done and they all came back clear.
    These were: 1) Thyroid
    2) Diabetes
    3) Lupus Anti-coagulant
    4) Anti-Cardiolipin Antibody ( anti-phospholipid syndrome)
    As i had a D&C the baby was also tested and she came back all clear as well. If there are any additional tests that u know of, please reply.

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    have you had your progesterone levels tested?

    That was the cause of my miscarriages!

    Really not a nice thing to go through - so i hope you get an answer soon and get that little bundle of joy!

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    Maybe PM one of the moderators who looks after miscarriage & loss.... Mistfying may know? After my second m/c in 2007 I remember a thread which listed all of the tests that BB members have had regarding recurrent m/c. I remeber having a list longer than my arm which I had done.... Hormone profiles, cystic fibrosis, insulin resistance, DH had SA done. I've heard of people being tested for gluten intolerance also. I really hope that thread is still around..... Our tests didn't raise any issues (SA wasn't great tho) which was hard as it didn't give me a reason for my losses. I did feel more confident when we were ttc again though knowing we'd had the tests done. After we had the tests done, I fell pg for the third time..... Third time lucky. I wish you the same luck!!!

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    A friend suffered recurrent miscarriages due to higher than normal levels of Natural Killer (NK) cells - I don't know if this is the same as your #4
    I think there are also tests for chromosomal issues which can cause miscarriage... I'm sure someone who knows a lot more about it than me will be in to answer your question!

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    Yep, I've gotta have the chromosome testing as well - apparently its just a blood test from you and your partner, which has to be cultured for 3-4 weeks. I've been told it costs about $400, not sure about rebates or anything though...

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