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Thread: Babysitter needed - Melbourne CBD / Sth East

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    Smile Babysitter needed - Melbourne CBD / Sth East

    Hi there,

    I recently moved to Melbourne and need to find a babysitter for my toddler. Can you recommend a babysitter/ nanny who you have used and were happy with? I'm looking for an experienced babysitter, preferably with qualifications, who can do regular work. I'm expecting to pay around $18.


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    Have you tried 'Find a baby sitter' web site?

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    As someone who was a private nanny for quite some time, I would recommend an agency. Although you pay more, I think it's important to know that you dont have to 'check' that person out more than in terms of your gut feeling for them - and the Qs you have - because police checks etc etc are already done. Its nice to get someone who has been in the job a while. I know that from my experience only, the younger sole charge nannies were not quite as 'motherly' as the older women, simply because of where they were at in their lives. I saw the occassional younger nanny who was excellent, so you cant tar everyone with the same brush - but I think life experience brings so much to the role of who is caring for your children.

    Also - what about Family Day Care. A nice option in that your child would have other children to play with? This is an old post so maybe you have luck by now finding who you need?

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