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Thread: 2.5yo DD scared of undies. What to do?

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    Default 2.5yo DD scared of undies. What to do?

    Hi my DD is capable of holding her wee, (Gets out of pool to wee on grass) but is frightened to wear undies because she slipped in her own pee on the tiles once and she hates mess. (Not sure where she got that from!)

    She is also not fond of going in the 'nuddy'.

    I have purchased some Huggies Nappy Pants with pretty pictures on them, but I'm not sure how to approach her with them?

    Anyone have any ideas?

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    Can you just let her wear no undies ?? Kameron used to wet all the time when he wore undies, so he just went naked underneath his shorts track pants etc.


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    That's a good idea!

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    Or you could make a big thing out of taking her with you to choose new underpants for her, some really pretty ones, or with her favourite characters on them?

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    Best and Less sell training pants which are like terry towelling cloth with a tiny bit of extra padding to catch wee. So if she weed in them they would probably absorb enough for her not to slip on the floor? Although she may still think they are undies...

    I have been trialling my DS in undies for short periods, and he doesnt like them either... he just takes them straight off!

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    We haven't really tried undies on Tehya. Too hard to find any that fit her and it's easier for her to got to the potty herself without pants on.

    I take it that she is tt'd or well on the way there. Maybe do as Ambah suggested and try out the training pants. Not sure how you would go with them though as they are the same as undies really.

    I just brought Tehya some pull ups too. I have never bothered with them with my other children (well, they weren't around for the first 2) but seeing as how she is alot younger and much keener to use the potty even when we are out I thought I'd give them a go.

    Fingers crossed the Huggies pants work for you. Let me know how they are. I was looking at buying them instead of the pull ups but their sizes aren't small enough for her.

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    Thanks everyone.

    I think I will try the best & less training pants. I had some to put over her nappies when she was smaller, but haven't got any size 2's athe moment. I'll try the picking out some fancy pants while we are there.

    I'm not too sure about the nappy pants now, cause I think she'll just treat them as a nappy and still wee in them??

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