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    Hi there,

    I have a 2yr8month son I have been TT for the last 3 days - he has done really well at wees - knows when to go - 3 accidents day 1, 1 accident day 2 and no accidents today. On day 1 we had a poo accident - I came out to the lounge where the potty is to find him with jocks round his knees and poo on the floor. Think it freaked him a bit and he hasn't been since. Today he tried several times to do poos on the potty but can't, tonight he was freaking out - quite hysterical with tears - I was out he was with my husband. He tried to get him to relax and calm down and he did but still no poo.

    I'm getting a bit worried he may get constipated - any advice on things to try to get him to do a poo on the potty? Is letting him do it in his nappy taking a big step backwards?

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    I don't think that letting him do it in his nappy would be a big step backwards. If he's scared and he's hanging onto it he can get constipated which could make it quite painful to poo and make him even more freaked out by the TT gig. Some kids poo in nappies for a while after they do wee's in the potty. It's not a race and he'll get there in the end.
    If you're worried about constipation a bit of fruit juice can help move things along. If Yasin hasn't pooped in a while I usually juice up some carrots. It works a treat.

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    Prune juice and a good long soak in the bath!

    Also, we found that the whole potty thing confused DD no end, (she'd use any small round plastic container she could find) and did away with it and went straight for the toilet. This worked a treat especially as we had a couple of little friends who were quite happy to show off their skills in this area, so DD was happy to copy them!

    He'll get there, no such thing as a step backwards if it takes the pressure off!

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