thread: AIO's VS Fitted/ Covers.....

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    Jan 2007

    Question AIO's VS Fitted/ Covers.....

    A friend of mine wants to use MCN when her bubby arrives early next year and she is wondering if AIO's last the distance as far as the water proofing goes seeing as you have to wash the whole thing, whereas with fitted plus a cover you dont have to wash the cover all the time so they might last longer??

    What do you all think??

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    Feb 2006

    if she's thinking in those terms then technicly thats correct, fitted and covers are great for runny poos then nappies like AIO's and pockets may be easier as bubs gets older, she best to buy only a few then work out what she want s to use!!

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    Jan 2007

    Thanks - makes perfect sense! Ive told her to get her fav's of everything and decide what she likes best! I think her mum put it in her head that AIO's might wear out alot faster though! I cant imagine them wearing out that quickly though - maybe a bit quicker in comparison but Im sure she will still get alot of use out of them!

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    Tan, I would think the baby would grow out of AIOs before they wear out. AIOs (well the ones we have) come in different sizes so you probably wouldn't use the same ones from nb to tt. WIth the ones I have, I find the fitteds are more absorbent. The AIOs (the ones I have, they are not all the same) are cheaper, trimmer and dry much more quickly, but are less absorbent. So each has their place IMO. We use the AIOs mostly for day care or if the fitteds aren't dry yet and I've run out. Most of the time for day to day use I used the fitteds, especially with Jack as he's a heavy wetter.

    I didn't use MCNs when they were nb, but I think many people find prefolds with covers can work well to contain those nb poos. There are so many options, I totally agree with your advice to your friend - the best way is to try different ones and stick with what works best.

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    Thanks Melanie, I think she is planning on using sposies for the first few weeks so she doesnt have to be worrying about doing washing and wondering if the nappies are working and then will go to cloth!

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    I think she is planning on using sposies for the first few weeks so she doesnt have to be worrying about doing washing
    That's what I thought but ended up doing just as much washing of clothes and bedding due to leaky sposies

    And I agree with Jols on the AIO vs fitteds & covers.