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    haute kara Guest

    Default ALDI nappies

    i want to use aldi nappies on my baby but one of my friends told me they arnt sutible for a newborn coz they arnt small enough.
    has anyone used them? my babys 4kgs do you think they will fit?

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    They will fit fine they have a newborn size and it works perfectly I bought one box of huggies and have been using Aldi's since...

    Never a leak! Never a problem!


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    haute kara Guest


    thanks, i used to use them with my son, but when he was a lot bigger, they worked realy well for him so i wanted to use them again for my daughter, im not sure why my friend thinks they are not good for newborns then

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    Debbie Lee Guest


    Perhaps she heard something on the grape-vine? Uno how things like that can happen; "So and so said... blah, blah, blah".

    I think the Aldi nappies (Mamia) are great and just as good as Huggies. So... I say, go for your life!! hehehe Save a few $$ too.

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