thread: Am I all set up?

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    Sep 2007

    Question Am I all set up?

    Just wondering what else I will need? I'm going to use flats for a while. I have...

    15 flannel nappies
    40+ terry toweling nappies
    4 OSFM PUL covers
    2 wool soakers
    1 fluffies cover
    4 of those pilchers with fabric over them (don't know the name), I don't like these
    12 snappies
    12 pins
    1 nappy bucket with lid
    lanisoh for the wool soakers
    wet nappy bag & swim nappy (thanks Mel )

    I was planning on cutting up about 12 of the old terry toweling nappies (second hand) to make into wipes and boosters, so I'd have about 40 boosters / wipes, and then get another 12 new terries.

    What do you think? Am I missing something?

    I need to wash and soften the older terries, do I just wash with sensitive detergent and throw in the dryer?

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    umm I'd probably get more covers to be honest. The OSFM ones might be a bit big for a newborn - and you want a good fit for pootainment factor - don't want accidents to put you off using cloth or making more work for you.

    Plus, I got compression leaks with my wool until about 8 weeks of age.

    But thats all I can think of.

    And yes to your question about softening them up. Well thats what I would do.

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    Sep 2007

    Can I get some AIO's with PUL outer to use as covers, so that I can use them again when she is bigger? Or will this just be massive on a NB?

    Are BBH small's small enough for a NB?

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    if that was me (with what i know now, after two years of using MCN), i would do this

    the fluffies cover, they don't work, you'll just get leaks and have mess to clean up


    half a metre of micropolarfleece - cut it up into liners e.g at least 30cm x 10cm, and some triangular ones for your flats. this will capture the meconium, and save some of the runny poo stains. when bub just wees, will keep baby bottom dry (nappy rash trick).

    two wetbags is good - one in nappy bag, one in the wash. baby beehinds wetbags, budget price, excellent quality, sturdy materials used, not glam but do the job great.

    Poppet's Place on ozebaby has very reasonable priced fitteds, i'd get 3 of those in small

    Booroi has excellent bamboo prefolds, i'd get six of those in nb size, more absorbent than the flats

    Aware Sensitive washing powder (or Ecostore) - both at supermarkets

    a clothes airer to dry stuff under a verandah or inside, if you only have the full sun location to dry your nappies, they can go as stiff as a board.

    cloth breast pads e.g Mazalicious ones at the wahmnaps site

    thirsties PUL cover with leg gussets (for great pootainment value when bubs has the runny poo stage for first six months at least). One is XS, three in S.

    petroleum free nappy rash cream - e.g Simmons paw paw salve - you can use this with mcn's. avoid the Lucas (RED) paw paw, that one is petroleum based.

    lanolin to lanolise your woolly soaker (and Ecostore woolwash, at supermarket)
    Hydrogenous lanolin at chemist is fine, lanolin at health food shop is fine. the jars seem to be cheaper than the tubes. you may have a tube of lanolin for nipplecare already anyhoo, that is fine to use too.

    mattress protector pad e.g swaddlebees, great to lay under bubs for nappyfree time each day, and on your bed, when you lie down to breastfeed, catches your milk, baby's "oops" and possets. instead of washing bed linen, rug etc, you just throw mattress protector pad into the washing machine. too easy.
    Swaddlebees use PUL, not PVC, safer for baby.
    PVC is illegal to use in children's products in other countries.

    those little circles with pegs, to hang up the little mcn things, e.g boosters, covers etc. just hook it up. cost $3 at woolworths.

    laundry bags - i just use dustmite protector pillowslips (zippered) from big w - two for $7 i think.

    nappy buckets - (2) - one in use, one being washed and left upside down to dry/air. target have $12 ones that snap shut in four places. great for when baby gets curious, great to put in car (if you travel somewhere) and not have it open in transit.

    little squirt - this will keep you going when your child does the most revolting pooey nappy, without it, i doubt i would have kept going. get it installed BEFORE baby arrives. read the instructions, so you squirt the nappy, not the walls!

    make sure you wash anything white and fluffy, ALTOGETHER, to avoid lint going on everything else.

    join ozclothnappies yahoo group, nappycino forum
    read the FAQ at ozclothnappies
    read the "nappying a newborn" at nappycino
    just for starters
    now you have THREE places to ask, when you get stuck on something to do with nappies. thousands of people you can pick their brains, cos new things come up, once you start nappying a nb, things you didn't think to ask, when you were practising on a teddy bear!

    and remember, COVERS is one area not to skimp on.
    forget the ones available at supermarket, bigw, kmart, target etc. they look cute, leak like sieves, you don't need the stress of poo going all over your clothes, your furniture, your carseat, etc. The one place you can't skimp, if you want pootainment, is the covers.

    i can say this, cos i DID skimp on covers, paid the price the first week, then bought SIX PROPER covers, and guess what - NO MORE LEAKS! it IS worth it.

    spend the nb phase with your bub, bonding, not doing unnecessary laundry and scrubbing furniture, cos of silly cheap don't work covers.

    do the nappy hunt, great time to buy anything MCN cos sales are on for hunters. Register for the hunt to get the discount code, you don't have to do or complete the hunt to get the code. go to any mcn site e.g nurturenappies, and click on the symbol for the Nappy Hunt to get started.

    hth - i'm just telling you how it is IRL, and have put down budget conscious ways for you to do it - i didn't put down any "show off", "just for fun" mcn that is costly.

    if you set yourself up to do mcn - have the infrastructure in place - whilst pregnant, so you don't have to be doing that with a nb in tow - it can succeed.

    it is a step of faith, all unknown stuff, wondering if it will work or not.
    i took this step in Nov 06, was very skeptical, but it DID work (i spent the first month constantly being surprised and amazed).

    then you "graduate" to Using Cloth Outside the House
    then you "graduate" to Using Night Nappies"
    it's all a journey.

    learning to use the products to their best advantage, understanding how to use the products with your child's body shape, - it's a learning curve -

    i don't think i could have done it, without the wonderful community support i received from total strangers - on belly belly, nappycino and ozclothanppies.

    people who have "beentheredonethat", or are in a similar place to you, and have just been thru the same thing.

    when i was feeling isolated and unsure, it was my lifeline.

    now we're TT-ing, and i'm feeling sad our mcn journey is coming to an end. How quick it has gone. enjoy the nb sized stuff!

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    Oscaroscar - Id get a second nappy bucket, a little squirt (get this early if you get one, and practice using it - says me who doesnt have hers yet!) and some more covers.

    I found bummis small covers were fine for DS from birth, but he was a 4.6kg baby with football thighs.

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    Apr 2008
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    yeah, what Gigi said. And Maz-a-licious covers.
    Definitely a Little Squirt and 2 nappy buckets, and a bottle of tea tree and a bottle of lavender oil to disinfect and make your laundry smell fresh!

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    OMG Thirsties covers are FANTASTIC. I haven't had ONE leak. and jazz has some pretty wet and feral pooey nappies! The Target/Kmart brand of covers are pretty useless for terry flats. If you're going to go with flats you really kind of need to spend the money on covers. I don't mind Bummi's too, they are pretty much the same as Thirsties I have found. I get leaks with BBH PUL covers, they have no leg gussets, which is pretty essential us (not for everyone though ).