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Thread: Am i doing this right?

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    Default Am i doing this right?

    Lily has been showing a few signs that she is getting ready to toilet train (ie. getting a nappy when it needs changing without us asking, squatting just before she does a wee in her nappy, trys to change her own nappy sometimes, pointing to the toilet).

    So we decided we would buy one of those little toilet seats that goes ontop of the normal one. We sit her on it for a few minutes either before or after her bath, just to get her used to it. She doesn't seem to mind it, likes playing with the toilet paper roll! She hasn't done any wee or poos in there yet, but we plan on congratulating her etc if/when she does.

    Spose i am just looking for reassurence that i am doing this right? Is there any other tips i could also do?

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    I say you are doing everything right. Just let her lead you with the toilet training and try not to get too upset when she wets on the floor.

    GL with it all.

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    Yep, sounds good to me...You have to make a HUGE song & dance when she achieves wee/poo in toilet....

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    Yep, keep praising for the little things as well as the big things! Miss M decided when she was ready and it only took 3 days and we ventured out with nickers on and haven't looked back. Good luck

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    It really depends on how you want to do it. We did what you are doing for a few weeks to let her get used to it. Often letting her sit on the toilet before a bath etc. Using a potty in the loungeroom whilst watching tv. After she did her first wee in the potty/toilet we decided to take things more seriously.

    We had a potty party. We got a dolly that weed and we gave dolly lots of stuff to drink, and lots of stuff for paris to drink too (we used flavoured milk or cordial I think as it was a treat so she would drink more of it). So we sat in the toilet and read books and drank until we did our first wee. Then we had a party afterwards to celebrate the fact she'd gone to the toilet. She got to call daddy and tell her all about it. We did use lollies as a bribe for #2's as they didn't happen so easily but she'd get a stamp or sticker for wee's. It couldn't have been easier. But I really do think she was ready. We had 2 accidents, and after each accident we went to the toilet and sat on it and got off 10 times (I know it sounds extreme, but we did it positively so she didn't feel as though she was being scolded) as I remember Dr phil saying it takes a certain amount of repetition for a childs mind to absorb new information (which is why they repeat kids shows, or why they watch the same thing 10 times LOL).

    Everyone has a different technique but this worked for us.


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    Awww Lily sounds so cute, Tegan!
    I reckon you are doing a great job! Familiarisation is half the battle.

    We've got a potty for Gab that sits in the loungeroom but she's too scared to sit on it when nudey (plus she's a little too small to be able to sit on it properly) but I just let her play with it so it's not just some weird plastic thing that materialises when she's almost 2, iykwim? (Plus it was a hot tip from Tracey ).

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    My friend toilet trained her girls by sitting them on the potty every 30 minutes (!!)for a week or two until they realised what they were there for.....worked too. I guess that takes a lot of discipline though!

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