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Thread: Am I doing it right?

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    Just wondering if what i am doing with my DD is correct. She is wearing undies now and I prompt her to go to the toilet every hour. She is doing a wee and poo on the toilet but i am prompting her, will she realise she needs to go herself. She has had accidents so she knows what happens if we don't time it right. Just wondering if i am doing the TT thing correctly?

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    I was asking myself the same thing a couple of weeks ago, regarding my son.

    Then he came through to the kitchen with his jocks and his shorts all skewed and I realised he had started taking himself. He has now been taking himself to the loo for about a week......

    I honestly don't think there is any ryhme or reason to the TT bizzo.....they all just do it in their own sweet time......

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