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Thread: Am I doing something wrong?

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    Ok I know you all will probably think I'm a bit thick after you've read this but I have real "washing issues" with my nappies. No matter what I wash them in they refuse to come out clean and even the sun (suggested in a previous thread) won't shift the stains so I'm wondering what washing powder you all use? I have tried Omo, Earth and green care as I was tring to stick to less chemically washing stuff if possible (I'm so over it now though I don't care). The only thing I have found which gives me beautifully white stain free nappies time after time is lux flakes which I've been told not to use as they coat the nappy arrrrrg!!!!! So what do you use that works? and are Lux flakes really that bad? it even says on the back of the box that they are for nappies an I know generations before us have used them for nappies but is it just a MCN no no?
    I wash in hot water, is this the problem?
    Perhaps my baby just poo's radioactive breast milk poo and there isn't a solution!!!! I would be very gratefull for any advice though!!!

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    i am using Duo matic powder ATM and haven't had any trouble with stains so far. i wash in warm water, don't know if that would make a difference though, im about as clueless as you are lol.

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    Caleb is fully b/f. No solids yet.
    What I do is when I've got a pooey nappy, I scrape off the sludge (I've got an old knife in the laundry) and give it a bit of a rinse. Not a lot but enough to get a bit of water through it. Any bits that are stubborn and have any of the b/m fatty bits on it bet a quick going over with a nail brush. Give it a good squeeze and chuck it into the bucket.

    For washing I use half a cap of Amolin and use the soak cylce. I wash with cold water mostly. Sometimes I will use a hot pre rinse if they are smelly and use dettol hygeine rinse. That isn't for stains though, just smells.

    From my understanding the lux flakes can coat the fibres of the nappy and build up over time, hindering absorbtion and possibly leading to rashes.

    Are you hanging them out in the full sun? I find that any stains that remain after they have been washed fade away after being hung out in the sun. Even on a cloudy day the uv rays still work.

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    With newborn b/f poo - I would just chuck the lot in the machine, do a prewash (with a teeny bit of powder) a 60 degree wash (with about 1/2 the amount of recommended powder), and an extra rinse. A couple of nappies would still have a bit of staining, but it always came out in the sun? Oh, and I use either Radiant, or Amolin. Whichever I grab first. LOL. I did find tho that my mum's toploader machine didn't clean the nappies as well as my frontloader, dunno what type of machine you have?

    I found microfibre was notorious for staining.

    Are you using liners? If you cut microfleece liners to cover the majority of the nappy, then not much poo should get through to it, making the washing more successful. Some were still so runny that they wet through the liner, but usually the liner catches it all.


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    I use the Purity laundry liquid on my nappies. I soak my nappies in water with a bicarb soda and tee tree oil solution, then wash with half the amount of washing liquid then hang the ones that are still stained in direct sunlight. The only time I got stains that wouldn't come out was when I gave dry pailing a try. Don't know why I had problems but I did - maybe I didn't wash them soon enough? Anyway - HTH

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