thread: Am I on the right track or not????

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    Red face Am I on the right track or not????


    I have been sitting at my laptop reading for forever LOL..

    Am I right in saying that Prefolds & Flats can be used with both pocket nappies & also under nappy covers???

    Just looking at options to use from birth up.. (jsut started TTC #2 & I hate not being organised LOL)...

    Was thinking (If i have it right), that I could use prefolds & flats in covers for a start then use the same prefolds & flats with pocket nappies once baby was more mobile?????

    Have i got this right or am I way off target LOL..


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    You can definately use prefolds and flats with covers. I have a cover that is specifically for prefolds (it has a small pouch at the front to stop it slipping up - well that it what I assume it's for anyway!!) but they go fine in the regular covers that i have. Apparently they (prefolds) are great for newborns.
    I'm not sure about pockets, but I guess you could stuff them into them. I think pockest are often sized tho(?) so it could be a bit tricky stuffing them in there...but I actually have no idea


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    Depending on the size of the pocket and the size of the prefold you certainly can use them together. I think small prefolds fit in large pockets when they are folded differently. I will let you know more once I have done the NB in cloth thing

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    You can most definitely use prefolds and covers (preferably covers with leg gussets) for a newborn.

    Most pockets are sold with their inserts anyway - so you wouldn't have to use your prefolds in there - but would be good if you wanted to boost it for greater absorbency.