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Thread: Another VBSN order being done

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    Exclamation Another VBSN order being done

    And not just the simply night nappy either. Any of the nappies that Tallulah Baby makes is fine for the order. I am going to order some AIO's as I think I am stocked enough with SN's.

    So for anyone who would like to get in on the order (to reduced postage charges), have a look at Tallulah Baby's website (PM or emil me if you want the link), have a look at what they have on offer, select what you want and then let me know. I'll send off all our orders at once and save on postage.

    As I mentioned in the nappy thread, there were some who missed out, so now's your chance. I don't work for Tallulah Baby, I simply have 4 of their nappies (3 VBSN and 1 AIO) and think that they are great.

    if anyone has any questions (such as what a VBSN actually is), just email me or PM me.

    [email protected]

    I will put out a "last call" for orders which should be about this time next week before I submit the order.

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    Last call will be tomorrow - SUNDAY 6th AUGUST. I'll then put the order in on Monday morning.

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