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Thread: Anyone had this happen?

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    Default Anyone had this happen?

    Charlie woke up this morning and his nappy had leaked all the way up his back to his head! Firtly i don't see how this could of even happened? And now i'm not sure which nappies to buy, because they are huggies and they leak all the time at night but they seem the most absorbent. The most he ever goes is 4 hours without a change and it's only ever at night. It's just one thing after anothre with this kid!

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    Yes I have! I picked Caleb up and he was wet behind his head. I thought it was a chuck but it was wee that had leached up from his nappy :eek: I found that they were leaking from the sides where there is none of the absorbant stuff.
    This was one of the reasons I went cloth because the disposable nappies weren't containing the leaks and poo blowouts. I had just as much washing to do using disposables.

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    when xanders nappies leaked he needed a bigger size

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