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    Ok girls

    I posted a thread a few days ago about fitted over flat.
    I think my arm is being twisted, and I want to give them a go. But if I do I want to get some decent ones that will last. So I have a couple of questions for you.

    1) What are the best type to buy
    2) Where do I buy them from
    3) Do you need to buy "boosters" for night use
    4) How long do they last
    5) Do they come in different sizes


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    Hey Clare,

    1. There are soooo many different types you can get. Depends what you're looking for in a cloth nappy - quick drying, good absorbancy, good containment, night nappy, one size, or quickness/ease to put on... or a combination of things! Join in the cloth nappy thread at the top of this forum and you'll soon get an idea of what nappies everyone's using (there's also a list on the front page of that thread). Personally, I reach for AIO nappies first (Bubblebubs & Rumpsters), and then the hemp one size Baby Beehinds.

    2. You'll find heaps of different sites on the net that you can purchase modern cloth from... even ebay.

    3. Depends what nappy you're using. Unless it's specifically a night nappy that contains sufficient boosting already (like the Very Baby Simply Nights) then you'll most likely need to boost it.

    4. Do you mean how many hours a nappy will last on the bub or how many months a size will fit... or what their lifespan is? Either way, it all depends, all nappies are different.

    5. Most come in different sizes depending on your baby's measurements. Some like the Baby Beehinds go from baby to toddler.


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