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    Question Baby Wipes

    Hi all

    With regard to the pre-moistened baby wipes - there's so many of them! Scented, unscented, all different brands...are they all the same or are some better than others??

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    I find the Huggies and the Woolworths/Safeway brands to be the best, because they are by far thicker than most other wipes, and it means you need to use less.

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    Don't want to scare people, but it is wise to avoid anything that contains parabens (methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben). There has been a bit of research on them, and it is said they can have an effect on hormones. Check the net. Or disregard.

    Otherwise I would steer clear of anything with perfume just not really necessary to get an allergy for the sake of having a nice smelling butt.

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    We use the Aldi mamia wipes. As good as J&J but half the price. I'm not a fan of huggies as I found when Paris had nappy rash it would make it worse as they are course where they are quilted.


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    i glad you wrote that about the curash wipes tulip, thats all i really use on my kids, apart from occassionally huggies if they are on special, but i find the curash ones have been great.

    i really like that fact they don't have that nasty in them. thanks

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    It has been trial and error for us over the past few years...Curash ones are good for my babies, and are easy to pluck out of the packet when you have a little one determined to roll over in their own poo (ie you need to keep one arm on them whilst plucking wipes with the other!)

    That said, Olivia was on water and washclothes for ages as she had shocking nappy rash for a long while.

    Most brands do trial size/travel size packs......worth trying a few brands to see which suit you and suit your babes bottom!

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    This is interesting reading about the paraben DH had eczema as a baby and I'm keen to find really mild baby products in case Bubs takes after his daddy! In fact, regardless of whether or not Bubs has eczema, I'd be inclined to go as mild as possible anyway.

    A customer tip on the Gaia website suggested buying Homebrand nappy liners, putting them in a lunchbox, pouring over a cup of boiling water with a squirt of the Gaia baby wash and voila instant baby wipes with no chemical nasties and cheap to boot. I might experiment with that too...

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    only wipes i tend to use are the huggies and the safeway little wishes ones, j&j are thin and dont seem to do much.. and i stay clear of any that smell cheap if you know what i mean, like alcoholly i dont know, i just stick with what i know and what doesnt hurt his lil toosh

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    We grew tired of paying for wipes. Instead, we have an easy and cheap solution, just as effective too. THERE'S NO MYSTERY TO WIPES!

    Buy good quality rolls of paper towel (the thicker the better - even the pricier ones are cheaper than buying wipes!) Get a square or rectangular lidded plastic container, slightly larger than a square of paper towel. Make sure it seals nicely. Also, you'll need some mild liquid handwash or bodywash or babywash of your choice, unscented/non allergenic if you prefer. Then you're ready to make up your wipes.

    1. Unroll the entire roll of paper towel into a neat "concertina" stack.

    2. Squirt a tablespoon or two (roughly - use your judgement) of the handwash into your plastic container, and add some warm water to a depth of roughly 2 or 3 centimetres (an inch or so). Slosh it around to mix the handwash in.

    3. Place the stack of paper towel in the container. Press down so that it soaks up the mix.

    4. Decide whether or not you think it needs a topup of water if you think the stack of paper towelling isn't damp enough. You're aiming for a level of dampness like the commercial wipes. Don't worry if too wet - you can just press down on the stack and pour off excess water.

    5. Keep lidded, and there's your box of wipes for home. The single sheets of paper towel tear off easily as you need them.

    They lidded plastic box can be a bit bulky if you're out and about. If you're going out, just separate the quantity you need, and place in a shallower plastic container, or a ziplock plastic bag.

    Remember to wash container between batches to prevent bugs accumulating.
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