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Thread: Babylove Eco-tots nappies

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    Default Babylove Eco-tots nappies

    I saw these at Woolworths for the first time the other day...
    They apparently are a lot more biodegradeable and made out of more environmentally safe materials.
    Has anyone tried them yet? Are they just as good as the normal Babylove band?

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    I've emailed babylove to ask for a sample because I don't want to buy a whole packet only to find that they're dodgy.
    I just realised I forgot to specify the size

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    I love my cloth nappies, but biodegradable disposables definitely sound second best. I have heard they are as cheap as the normal ones, so I guess they are worth a try.

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    Default BabyLove Eco-Bots

    I don't know whether these are new or just new to Tasmania, but I recently bought the BabyLove EcoBots environmentally sensitive disposables (a bit of any oxymoron really). They are made from recycled materials and the manufacturer claims that they are much more readily biodegradable than ordinary ones. And they appear to work just as well as the regular ones. Obviously they still take up heaps of landfill, but nevertheless they are a step in the right direction, so I hope that those who use disposables either occasionally or all the time will consider giving them a try.

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    I use the nappy recycling service and buy Aldi nappies so it evens out. But for those that don't have them in their area thats a great idea!


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    I'm trying them at the moment for Noah and I have to say that I am pretty impressed. I think they are better than the normal BabyLove. There is also another brand of eco friendly nappies and they are good too. They are as expensive as Huggies though, so you won't save any money buying them.

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