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Thread: Back to nappies?...AGAIN!!

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    Default Back to nappies?...AGAIN!!

    My recently turned 3 year old has suddenly started wetting her pants again after being toilet trained completely for about 3 months (like no accidents for 3 months). It started on Saturday after a sleep over at her grandparents house, and she has consistenty "weed" on the couch for 5 days running now and has pretty much been going through 3-4 changes of pants a day. It is driving me CRAZY!! I am trying to work out what is going on with her. She is a very sensitive little being, and had a severe reaction when we bought her baby sister home from hospital (7 months ago).

    The main things I can think of are....
    1. didnt want to sleep at grandparents - but I dont think this is the case, as she stays there fortnightly, has for a year or so and absolutely loves it.
    2. we are building her a new room with a new bed, and her current bed will go to her sister. She has been pretty stressed about this new bed thing.
    3. Daddy working very long hours at the moment - mummy stressed!!

    I dont really want to put her back in nappies because she doesn't want to wear them but I am over the messes all over the house.

    Any ideas?

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    I'm not sure whether this could be a stupid question, but have you tried actually asking Chloe about this? Maybe if you start a conversation casually, give her the idea that the wet pants are a little problem that you can both fix together, she might say something that will give you an idea of what to do.

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    I have asked her a couple of times why she didn't go to the toilet, and why she did it on the couch (again......the steam cleaners are going to take me to the cleaners!!) but haven't really got an answer.

    I guess I haven't been all that good with it all, and got cranky a few times about it. I guess only because she had been so well toilet trained already. I asked her tonight does she want to wear a nappy to bed and she actually said yes she wants to wear nappies. So I guess I have to take her lead again and maybe go back to nappies for a while. I will sit down with her in the morning and have a chat about wet pants!! Thanks,

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    Ange sometimes kids just regress because their little bodies are focussing on something else (developmentally). If you're worried, perhaps you could get the GP to check her out for UTIs. My daughter went through a similar thing at age 4, after she was well and truly toilet trained a year and a half earlier. We discovered she had a UTI which was causing her incontinence.

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    If the bed thing is stressing her out, could she keep the old one and give her sister the new one? Just a thought. Also if your DH is working longer hours are you having to give more of your time to her baby sister which may have her thinking by wearing nappies she could have more or your time? Don't have the answers, but I would love to be able to get into these little minds to see what is going on!

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    Hi guys,
    thanks for the thoughts. Yes it had occured to me that it actually may be more to do with spending more time with her sister. Little one has been a little needy at the moment and doesnt want to be put down most of the day, she is sick and is teething madly. We had some success with going to the toilet when outside the home, but she has still been having accidents here at home. I will go and see a doctor if it continues much longer. Thanks again,
    Take Care

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