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Thread: Bambino Mio Nappies?

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    Default Bambino Mio Nappies?


    Anyone use these?

    I was given a few as a gift, i have some BBH and Nappy chappies as well.

    Could you let me know any feedback on the Bambino Mio as they seem like a good idea, but was wondering how effective they were.

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi Sammie,

    Ooh you are nearly due, how exciting. I have some Bambino Mio nappies and covers, as part of my DS's very extensive stash of modern cloth .

    Bambino Mio nappies are prefolds, which means cotton fabric sewn into a flat nappy with an extra pad in the middle. It works like a normal flat nappy, in that you can pin it on the baby, or else just fold it into a long pad and lay it inside a cover.

    Prefolds are great because:

    - Hardy fabric
    - Quick drying
    - Simple and basic
    - They have other uses like burp cloths, wiping up wee when toilet training, boosing a night nappy, etc.

    The disadvantages are:

    - Need a cover (of course)
    - Non-elasticated legs means more chance of poo blowouts, especially with a breastfed baby. This becomes much less of a problem when they get on to solids.
    - Not as cute as colourful fitted nappies

    So, I think you will find the Bambino Mio's a great and useful addition to your nappy collection, but it is nice to have the extra security of some fitted nappies as well, which you have in the BBH and Nappy Chappies.

    Bambino Mio covers are fantastic, one of the best PUL covers around in my opinion, because of the gussets and the nice big velcro. Gussets (the leg guard bits) really help hold in the poo-splosions .

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