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Thread: Best fitted AIO for newborn?

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    Default Best fitted AIO for newborn?

    Hi ladies I just bought 4 Cushie Tushie Basix because they are having a 2 for 1 sale at the moment.
    What have your experiences been with fitted all in ones for newborns?
    What's your fave?
    Are Cushie Tushies any good?

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    I did the same thing as you a couple of months ago! But i haven't found the CTs very good (sorry!) In the newborn set-up, the top bit would unfold and make the legs gape abit. Bub is now 3.5months and average size and wears them without folding the top down but they still pretty big. They also kinda feel wet on the outside and i have to change her heaps quicker than my other nappies. There was another thread about CTs in the past week and some people really liked them, so they might be ok for you.

    I like greenkids AIO, but they wouldn't fit a newborn. My little one is wearing them now, but they give her huge butt

    BBH are good. I have just ordered couple of their petite ones. We already have Magicalls (the ones with PUL on outside)- these are DHs favs.

    If you want fitteds with covers, i love kissaluv nappies with bambino mio covers

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    Bumgenius AIO arent bad. My DD Ruby still wears the smalls with the touch tape meeting in the middle at almost 8 months (though I will point out she's 7kg and a prem)
    forgot to add they are great for NBs as you do soooo many nappy changes anyway

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    AIO and fitted are completely different nappy types. Do you mean one you need a cover for, or one that you don't?

    AIO weren't great for us for a few months. The Bubblebubs smalls were all right and I had a couple of Blueberry smalls (which were awful on DS), but other than that we used fitteds and covers.

    My fave fitted on newborns were spunkybutts and I'll get a heap if I have another but many swear by Kissaluvs (couldn't get any in Oz when I had DS) and prefolds.

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