thread: Better late than never...

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    Dec 2006

    Better late than never...

    So today i bought my first ever MCNs. 3 Bumgenius 3.0.
    I can't afford to buy a whole stash straight away, but hopefully a few each week for a month and then we'll see how we are going with it all.
    It's freezing winter already (so no loverly sun to dry them) and DS is 13 months already...I must be mad.

    DH doesn't know yet

    I always wanted to go cloth. Now i really hope we can have another bub , so i can justify all this!


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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Feb 2006
    South Eastern Suburbs, Vic

    Haha, not mad Jo! In winter in Melb, I find pockets a really great option. But yay!

    As for the money, when I was building up a stash, I just set aside a bit each week as a nappy allowance. If you have a few busy weeks, then next time you think about it, you might have a decent amount of money set aside to get a few more nappies!

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    Dec 2006

    Yeh, I decided to try pockets first because of the drying thing. They haven't arrived yet...I want them now now now!!

    DH was curious when i told him, but pleased. He has always known i wanted to use cloth. He has never seen any so he is interested in seeing how it all works!