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Thread: Biodegradale disposable nappies - do they really exist?

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    Default Biodegradale disposable nappies - do they really exist?

    I have long heard about these things - miraculous nappies with the enviro-friendly qualities of clothies but the convenience of disposables. Does any one have any experience of them/brands to recommend? I am in Melbourne so need a Victorian supplier, but I am sure there are others in other states who are looking too......

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    I saw some on Ebay this morning!!!
    I am pretty sure that's what they were...


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    I saw an article on these in the Daily Telegraph the other day. They are 70% more biodegradable than conventional disposables and they cost around the same. You can get them from Coles K-Mart and Target. I can't remember what they were called though. I had a look yesterday in my local Coles and they didn't have them yet, but maybe you city girls will have more luck.

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    I bought some from Coles in Brissie about 5 weeks ago, but sorry I can't remember the name of them! Didn't really like them though and haven't considered buying them again, they just didn't fit Lucie very well unfortunately.

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    Weenees are supposed to be very good and they're available over the internet. This is what it says about them on their site:

    Weenees Eco Pads are the most environmentally friendly and user friendly disposable pad available.

    * They break down to form useful compost in one compost cycle (approx. 50 to 150 days)
    * They have a breathable outer
    * Are hygienically flushable
    * Made from a renewable resource - trees
    * Are non chlorine bleached
    * Have no plastic or perfume additives
    * Use low water consumption
    * Keep the wearer dry

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    You can buy them in some health shop in brunswick st I believe. I'll find out the details and let you know!


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    I got some samples at the baby expo last year, and for the life of me I can't think of the name!!
    Um - they were compostable - but only the central core, so you ripped that section out and then put the outside sheath in with the normal rubbish.
    I think......

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    I have been looking into this too.Though huggies website says only 1% of nappies go into landfill - our regular garbage and bad habits are more of a concern

    Nappies make up around 1% of landfill (total urban solid waste).

    Nappies are about 2% by weight of all domestic wastes, and domestic wastes are only about 36% of all urban solid wastes going to landfill.

    Interestingly, food and garden waste accounts for around 55% of our total domestic waste3.
    The Choice consumer website has a quick little calculator too that compares your cost of using cloth nappies (with brand of powder/machine type -front/top loader) with your brand of disposables.

    I threw in a couple of numbers/figures (for one baby LOL using 'OMO' $$ ) and comparing Snuggler$ over 6 months - cloth was $200 - disposables was $295 - so if you figure in your precious time - it isn't too bad

    For Nappy recycling ....

    MyPlanet Recycling is Australia’s first disposable nappy recycling service.

    We have launched a convenient nappy pick up and recycling service in Melbourne that we plan to expand across Australia as quickly as we can
    I was interested but they aren't in NSW - They sell nappies at a competitive price too with home delivery - google it or I can send you the link.

    For compostable nappies

    Eco direct sells Moltex disposable nappies

    Eco Nappies are Compostable
    Moltex's Eco Nappies do not need to be added to landfill sites. They have proven to breakdown to make excellent compost within 8-10 weeks in a wormery (for further details see ‘Composting of Eco Nappies’ at ecobaby site). The minimum super-absorbent material used in the nappy gives excellent water retention properties to the compost which is especially relevant to our climate and water shortage issues.
    I checked the website and prices for economy packs were from 50c (newborn size) to 85c (Junior size) delivery max was free Sydney to $5-$8 - saves on shopping

    LOL - I have no idea how this compares - haven't bought nappies for 10 yrs. But I guess it is a third more or double the cost at least from leading brands.

    google the Ecodirect Australia for more info.

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