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Thread: Bottom Literaly RAW with nappy rash.

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    Default Bottom Literaly RAW with nappy rash.


    My DS has a RAW bottom. It is only a small patch but looks like a layer of skin missing, and slightly bleeding. I am trying Paw Paw cream at the moment with curash, I had no idea nappy rash could get like this. He has had alot of soft stools lately, and i am pretty sure that triggered it off. It doesnt seem to bother him at the moment. Although I think its off to the Dr tomorrow, does anyone know what the Dr will usually prescribe? Does anyone know of a quick remedy??


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    Awww Ally. I haven't had any severe nappy rash with Pup but here are a couple of suggestions that you could do. I have no idea what the dr may suggest.

    * give him as much nappy free time as possible. For the bit of nappy rash Pup had, this worked a treat.

    * try using Daktozin cream. It helps NR associated with fungal infections. Pup had a very small patch of very red skin for a while that I just couldn't clear up and the Daktozin cleared it up.

    * change nappies very frequently and dry bum well after using wipes, face washer etc.

    * I have found that the less bum cream I use, the better Pup's bum is. I find that just using Curash powder only works a treat. But this isn't neccesarilly the case when NR is bleeding or infected

    * if you're using cloth flats and DS is a heavy wetter and big pooer, maybe try using disposables for a while or use a microfleece liner in the nappy to help wick moisture away from his bum.

    You're probably doing most of this anyway, but hope this helps. I guess like any sore, the less moisture on it and the more air time the quicker it will heal. Mind you, can't have DS weeing and pooing everywhere either!!

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    Johnsons baby power with corn starch/powder works a treat. Lachlan has a really raw one for a while and I was put onto that and it was looked ALOT better 2 days later.


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    Oops accidently pressed enter and sumitted a very short reply!

    Hi again Ally,
    Child and Youth Health recommend a nappy rash cream with a lot of zinc in it. Sudocrem is one that I have tried. The main thing that the zinc does is provide a thick barrier against the poo and wee that started the rash to begin with, and give the skin a chance to heal. The other thing that a midwife recommended is putting cammomile tea (cool of course) in the nappy. Apparently this is the only thing that helped one baby with nappy rash that wouldn't go away. You can also put cammomile tea bags in the baby bath.

    The other thing is nappy free time. If I left my baby's nappy of for a while, I would see the rash improve before my eyes in just a few minutes.

    At one time my first son had nasty nappy rash, and he used to absolutely scream when I cleaned his bottom with sorbolene. It wasn't until my hands were dry and cracked that I realised that sorbolene really stings on open skin. I've never felt so guilty in my life. The best thing to clean their bottom is just some water on a face washer. Those disposable wipes are quite drying on their skin, and I bet they sting too.

    Good luck, and I hope your baby's skin gets better soon

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    I'm sure I heard something recently that said Paw Paw had petrochemical components in it? It's not the best thing to use apparently. I have always used sudocrem (sp?) - the zinc in the grey container - and found it brilliant. Lots of nappy off time and sunshine is important if it's that bad, perhaps some anti-fungal cream when the nappy is on like previously suggested as it is a fungal thing. Then put the zinc on top.

    Also calendula is very expensive but great for nappy rash. All the best - I know it's not nice, when Marisa was hospitalised for the rota virus which is a bad gastro bug that went on forever, it felt impossible to try and beat it as she had very watery poo and it seemed to wash off all the cream. Get well vibes for your little bubba xo
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    Zander had really bad nappy rash when he was teething I gave him a full day with no nappy. I laid a big plastic paint dropsheet on the floor & then put a nice soft blanket on the top & let him go. There was a bit of mess, but it really really helped.

    The other things that we did was use the pawpaw cream, curash anti-rash powder and changed nappies the second we noticed they were wet.

    Hope your little man gets better soon

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    I've tried a few different nappy creams as what worked brilliantly for Mason didn't help at all for Angus.
    I know it can be costly but maybe keep trying different ones till you find one that works best. I've noticed that they have different preservatives which could be a factor.
    The Curash one is the best for Gussies bottom. He's had nappy rash so bad it's been bleeding and weepy in the morning when the night before his bottom was perfect.

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    Ughh, nappy rash is just the pits!

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    I thought I would add to this.

    Olivia has always suffered from shocking nappy rash, poor chook (hence early TT) and these are the things that have worked for us. (Sadly, it is trial and error)

    ~ Cut our Johnsons products: they only seem to irritate any rashes
    ~ As everyone else has suggested, nappy off as much as you can
    ~ If the nappy rash gets infected, get a prescription for "Bactroban" (sp?) and this kills the infection. Then continue the healing with some anti-fungal cream

    Ally, I am not sure if you are able to get to the WCH in town? The WCH pharmacy (on the ground floor as you walk into Emergency) stocks their own mix of nappy rash cream, which is what we use as a preventative cream for both Olivia and Charlie and it is FANTASTIC. It is a mixture of zinc, benzoin oil and something else. It is a dreadful colour but it really works on my 2 babes........since my Mum put me onto this we haven't had any nappy rash at all........

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