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Thread: Can anyone recommend a potty?

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    Default Can anyone recommend a potty?


    Hannah has just started being very interested in the toilet so I want to get her a potty and work towards toilet traing...JOY! Can anyone recommend a particular type - I really have no idea where to start!

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    We used a potty and also the steps up to the toilet. The potty was a 'royal throne' I think from fisher price and the step one I got off e-bay for $10. I've also got a 'tooshie cooshie' from k-mart for $20 for the toilet upstairs which I think has worked the best but then I needed to buy a step so Miss M could get up on it - but it will be better in the long run. The potty was great to start with and we don't really use it that often now. It's still out but will only use it if she sees it and thinks she needs to go. Mackenzie has been TT's for about 8 weeks now and I would say 99% of the time she uses the toilet step thingy.

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