thread: Changing a girl's nappy

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    Changing a girl's nappy

    Ok I have 2 boys and I feel completely weirded out and hope I'm doing it right!
    I'm babysitting my 17mo sister today as she has teething related diarrhea (cutting molars- always happens when she cuts teeth!) I've changed her before but never a poo.
    It goes everywhere in all the little nooks and crannies! I've just been bum washing her because I couldn't seem to get it out of her vagina properly, she has really bad nappy rash so I'm keeping her as clean as possible.
    I never thought changing a girl was so hard

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    We had the same problem with ds! Sounds like you are doing it right, it can be hard to get it all but washing is gentler than having to use wipes. We had no idea how to wipe ds with all the extras in they way and not knowing if we were going to hurt him.

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    I also have 2boys so when i had dd it was a shock to change her nappy. I wasn't told how to. Sounds like your doing it right. Cleaning the nooks and creases. If you have some vaseline you could pop it in her bum to help protect it or even abit of free naked bum time would help.

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    Boys are definitely easier - I always felt like I was pushing it all back in when I was swiping DD Sounds like you are doing a good job - just kinda wipe and swipe!!

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    Yep girls are odd. DD always gets poop in places I don't wanna go But yep, you've just got to wipe it out of there, and make sure you've gotten it all. I have a friend with a boy, she says it's so easy - just wipe the bum and under the balls, the rest is easy as

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    Thanks girls! I went from feeling like a pro to 'omg it's in there?!? ' Mum instructed me to put curash on her bum, so I've been using that. I normally use paw paw on my boys and that does the trick. Thanks for the tips! I'm glad it's not just me! Lol

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    I didn't realise until Amelia was born, but I had never even *seen* the inside of a baby girl's nappy up until then I have two younger brothers, so I thought I was all set with the nappy-changing thing. Haha, nope! Girls have so many little folds everywhere! I thought boys would have been more difficult - lifting up their little bits to get under there, avoiding being peed on - but I was wrong

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