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    Well My little Brynny has very sensitive skin but I had no idea how sensitive tillI put a disposible on him. we are going away overnight and my cloth suplly is not great so I bought some plastic nappies, I thought I would try one on him as I had bought the next size up so he would not grow out of them before we used them all.

    Well I have never had even a hint of red on him, he had the disposable on for 2 1/2 hours, took it off and he was red raw, the community nurse looked at it that afternoon and came to the conclusion that it was from the chemicals in the nappy, basically a mild chemical burn coz he is so sensitive.

    Poor little fella... lucky I was planning on cloth anyhow.. but it just makes you wonder how much chemicals are in them..

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    Ouch! Poor thing must be sooo sensitive. Here's a hug to him from me

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    Poor little mite, i hope it clears up soon for him

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