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Thread: cleaning off excess?

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    Question cleaning off excess?

    I use disposables and I know I'm meant to clean off excess poos into the toilet rather than adding it to the landfill I'm already creating with the disposable... but how on earth do you get it into the toilet?! DS is 8 weeks and poos big time about every 4 days, completely filling the nappy with very soft mustard like poo. We've tried getting the nappy to the loo and wiping some of it off with loo paper, but it doesn't seem to make much difference - it's just everywhere! Any ideas? Or do we just wait until he's a bit older and it has more 'form'?

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    Oh goodness, that sounds tricky. Short of a scraping type device I'd be waiting till they're firmer and you can grab more with toilet paper iykwim. Less hassle for you too

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    LM, it's very hard with NB poo. I think just do the best you can. I use cloth nappies and I use an old knife to scrape it off when it's not formed.

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