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Thread: Cloth dilemma

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    Question Cloth dilemma

    Ok, I have looked into cloth before for DD and I am interested, but have never had the money to outlay the initial costs. Since we now have no.2 on the way and DD will still be in nappies too, I know it will be heaps cheaper to use cloth.
    My question is where did you start? I have researched and I think I understand the different types of nappies- pockets, flats, prefolds...but where did you start at hte very begining. What did you buy, how much was it? There's just so many out there and I am unsure of what to begin with. DD is now 8mths old and about 9-9.5kgs, what would be best for her and what is best for newborns? (I have a while to decide on that though!) We don't have alot of money at the mo either, so that will be an issue still. Next yr I go back to work for a while so will be able to spend a bit more then.

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    I have only ever used the "normal " terry toweling nappys I would get about 3 pks so that you can will have enough to use for both and just plastic covers in a few sizes you can use these type for both new born and "big " babies I used then until trained... good luck sorry cant help you with the other types have never heard of most LOL Plus after both babies are trained they make great cleaning cloths..

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    OSFA (one size fits all) are a good starting point. They're usually pockets which means stuffing, but is good so you can regulate what goes inside. Most babies don't fit into them till 6 weeks which can be a bit annoying, but you could get some fitted, newborns or sposies until then.

    I only ventured into cloth when Blake was about 5.5 months so I've not much idea about newborn stuff, sorry

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    there is soo much out there in the world of modern cloth nappies ...
    terry towelling are ok , but small on a toddler and big on a new born ..
    so i would leave them out all together ...

    i wouldgo for a system of fitteds and covers , the fitteds are shaped like a disposable and do up with velcro or snaps .. and they can come in a osfa so from newborn to toddler and then you just use the covers like the old style pilchers ..

    gone are the days of pins and soaking and leaks a pvc pants , these days there is no soaking or pins and the covers are made out of breathable material like fleece or PUL (a water proof breathable man made fabric)

    NOW if you would like information , PM me , as i can help you out , as i work for a reputable mcn company ... ( i dont think i can say it so PM to find out ) congrats on your pg ...

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    Hey Kel, the initial outlay is pretty full on, hey. I'm hoping that when I start work I can continue to build up my stash bit by bit. (That's the only way it'll work for us.)
    Are you good at sewing? There are some good patterns out there (so I hear - I'm crap at sewing!) and making your own nappies could be an option.
    I too would recommend a OSFA fitted nappy with a cover. Just a warning: the cheap ones are understandably not nearly as good, so while they look like a good idea, they're really not good value for money. HTH a little bit

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    Kellie, I strongly encourage you to follow through on the cloth. I considered it before DS2 was born but decided it was all too complicated, I just didn't know where to start. 12 months later still with 2 in nappies, sposies were costing way too much and I finally converted to MCN (Modern Cloth Nappies). I am so glad I did and my only regret is not doing it earlier.

    I started by attending a nappy party, so that I could actually see the nappies and ask all my questions in person. I did research before the party so I had some idea. Have a read through the cloth nappy general discussions and I think Nelle has a sticky in the cloth nappy section with some really great info for getting started. CharmaLea can give you info on a nappy party if you are interested. GL.

    ETA - you can layby too, or buy a couple of things at a time so that you are not paying for it all at once
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