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    I've been hearing a lot lately about cloth nappies. I used disposables with my first and thought that cloth was just a thing of the past but there seems to be a number or mums still using them. so are they good for bub? what about all that washing though?

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    Hi there! This is my first bub, and I plan on using cloth, or a combination of cloth/disposables.

    If you go to the 'Baby' section, there is a thread for nappies and tt. In there you will find lots of info on cloth nappies. These days there are alot of other options out there, MCN (modern cloth nappies) are not just the old terry towelling/flanelette varieties!

    Some websites I have found helpful are nappycino, oz cloth nappies, modern nappies, nurture nappies, baby beehinds. If you just google modern cloth nappies you will find heaps of info! It is a whole new world, with lots to learn, there are so many options. But I'm sure it's well worth it!

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    here is the Nappy and Toilet Training forum.
    You will find heaps of info on all things nappy.

    We also have a cloth nappy chatter thread here where you can join in and ask away.

    Cloth nappies have changed heaps. Many still use the old style flats but if you want to try something different there is so many different options out there.

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    Am also planning on using cloth nappies, but mostly the flats. Have a few moderns thou. Reading on a website last night - natures child - was amazing information as the savings - both financially and to the environment.
    Will probably use disposables for long outtings thou.

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    Just moving this thread to the Nappies and Toilet Training forums! Thanks ladies!

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    I've decided on cloth mainly as I believe they are better for babies as I was worried about their genitals being hot-swaddled in plastic and weird chemicals (such as ship paint). And that's 24/7 for the first two years.

    I also think disposable nappies should really be passe by now, with all our concerns about the environment. It's hard to justify all those resources going into producing a single use item that will be used for 3 hours, then sit around in landfill for 500 years and poisoning our groundwater. Just doesn't make sense to me that our kids nappies will outlive their great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandchildren. Australia alone discards 800 million a year.

    Also, I was pleased to find out that modern cloth nappies are so easy to use. Once you've got your system organised, it seems to be as easy as disposables anyway. And they're way cute!

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