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Thread: Cost of disposable nappies

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    Hi - is there a time/cost study on the impact of farting around with cloth nappies for two to two and a half years? I also don't fancy a house full of clothes horses in the middle of winter covered in half dry nappies.

    To each there own.


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    Quote Originally Posted by katanya
    oh and as far as I'm aware it's only in Melb so far, with plans to expand everywhere..fantastic idea! You can't send pooeyones tho [-X

    Oh and Nell have posted an article in the forum about the environmental impact of cloth versus disposables

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    Quote Originally Posted by barbie-up
    To each there own.


    Like I said in the post on the environmental study not trying to change anyopne's mind just putting info out there , just there was discussion about this issue as the disposable company (protor and gamble) put out a enviromental report saying disposables and cloth were similar environmental impact..this report I have quoted is about environemental footprinting (how much are you impacting the earth by using either)

    Barb I am the laziest housewife in the world, believe me I would be doing it if it caused that much more work :-$ I use all fitted modern nappies and it is SOO much easier than folding all those terry squares (although I do admit to a few months of this)

    any how the reason we chat so much about cloth nappies is because they are so damn cute (the moden fitted ones that is) and seriously addictive, it's like seeing a cute outfit for your child and you want it, but this one is actually functional and practical so you can justify buying it \/

    I always calculate how much I'd be spending on disposables and then i allow myself to spend that on cloth each you see my motivation isn't economic!

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