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Thread: Could this be a tt sign?

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    Default Could this be a tt sign?

    Recently DS has become quite upset and distressed when he does a wee during nappy free time. Before he would kind of stop, pee and walk through it. Now he cries during and afterwards. Would this be a sign that he's getting ready? he's certainly aware its happening and seems to care.

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    Could be a sign...I know Pat has been doing this as well, and taking his nappy off!

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    DD#1 is in the throws of toilet training now and whilst she is older, to begin with the sensation of 'free weeing' upset her terribly!! She was so used to it being sucked up by the nappy that the feeling of wetness down her legs or against her skin was very unwelcome! In hindsight at around 18months, she appeared to be ready as she would do the same thing (cry if 'free weeing') but then I got pg and slack hence the delay in tt!

    So I think your little one sounds like he might be cluing in to it all........good luck!

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    Krystal is similar.. she has gone right off having 'no nappy' time. she used to love it!

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