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Thread: Disposable nappies and covers???

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    Default Disposable nappies and covers???

    Just wondering if when using disposables, you need to use a plastic or fluffy cover too??? Not sure and all i remember is my sister using flats and fluffies for her DD (11yrs ago!!) Not sure if they are needed for extra protection for disposables though.
    I have stocked up on Huggies so thats what I will be using for the first few weeks anyway!

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    I've used covers on sposies as I had major leak problems due to scrawny legs and they helped a bit. They were given to me as hand me downs so I have no idea where you could get them. They were a fabric but not the fluffy type and they did up with velcro tabs on the sides.

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    Hmmm, I have those too, but they didn't stop leakage... I find fluffy pants work well for Natalie. But I don't use them with sposies, though I wish I had've thought of it - we had lots of leaks too

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    i used to use a cover with disposables at night because we had leak problems too but now using mcn

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