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    Hi all

    Have just found out about a disposable nappy recycling service in Melbourne called My Planet and I'm thrilled - I definitely want to do this. I've been busy tossing up between the landfill/polluting water environmental issues and trying to decide which is the lesser of the two evils.

    They also sell disposable nappies online and to my uneducated eye the prices don't look too bad (I've only just started checking out nappy prices).

    I'd be interested to hear from anybody who uses this service - how do they find it? And if anybody uses the My Planet disposable nappies - are they good in terms of leaks, absorbancy, etc?

    Thanks ladies!

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    Hi Julesr - We use the recycling service by my planet. They collect fortnightly at a cost of $7 a week.
    I think it has been great and definatley worth while when you think of the damage that disposibles do to the environment and the time they take to break down.
    I never tried their nappies though - I am however now trying to convert over to modern cloth as I found disposibles leaked often and got gel crystal over my bubs bot - and to cut costs.The fitted cloths that I've bought are great, really easy to use and no hassle! There is a thread on this if you're interested.

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    We used the service up until a month ago. Very happy with it, but the costs can be a bit much over the long term, in my area it was $9.60 per fortnight as the council does not subsidise it.

    It was great in the early months when we were going through a lot of nappies, about 2/3 of a small wheely bin a fortnight, so had they gone into our normal bin, it would have been overflowing.

    Did not use their nappies, they provide a sample when we signed up, but unfortunately gave me the toddler size.

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