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Thread: embarassed and frustrated about lack of tt

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    Default embarassed and frustrated about lack of tt

    im so frustrated and embarrassed about my sons lack of toilet training. he is 3 in july (ie currently 2 ¾) and although he was weeing in the toilet (has never poo-ed in anything but pull ups or nappy) he has now stopped even doing that. he often tells me that he has done a wee, but now never asks to go and so I have to remind him and if I forget he’s just happy doing it in the pull ups. he seems scared of doing a poo in the toilet and never has, and when we try just having him in underpants he gets constipated so he doesn’t have to do a poo. I know I should just stop the pull ups altogether but its hard because I work 3 days a week and the people who care for him (my mother in law) don’t want to have to deal with accidents and would rather him be in pull ups, and plus he refuses to go on the toilet at her house because he just wants to play. he just wants to play at our house too but I will “make” him go to the toilet, whereas she cant seem to enforce that like I can. its just so embarrassing as everyone else in my playgroup has their child well and truly trained months ago, and he is lagging behind and I feel guilty that I am not biting the bullet and just doing it properly. if I was home full time I think I would just do it, but it’s hard. I guess I know what I have to do, im just feeling crap at the moment and whinging.

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    No advice here but I have one of these :hugs:

    My daughter is two and a half and she isn't trained either. I tried for a week a few months ago and she just wouldn't/couldn't do it. I'm starting to feel a bit bad about it as well since people are starting to notice and comment on her still being in nappies now.

    I probably should try again but to me she seems no more ready than she was then and for that whole week she just kept weeing on the floor. So frustrating.

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    Girls, DO NOT FEEL BAD!

    Honestly, there seems to be SUCH a massive variety of ages and stages to TT.

    Olivia has just moved up to the Kindy room at chioldcare and out of the 20 or so children, (all at least 3.5 years old) only about 20% are fully TT.

    Even in my Mummies group where we have 4 little 3 year old girls, only 2 of them are TT, the other 2 are not.

    I am kind of the mindset that if you get stressed about it, they pick up on it and refect the concept. Whereas if you relax, wait till they are ready, then it is a quick and easy process.

    (I am telling myself that cos I have a feeling Charlie will be practically at high school before he is ready for TT!)

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    PLEASE don't feel embarrassed!

    Mason wasn't wee tt till he was 3 1/2. He wasn't poo tt till much later. I sent him to 3 yo kinder in pullups because I didn't want him to miss out.
    He was very frustrating and very determined not to use the toilet despite every trick or bribe I tried.
    I'll dig up some old posts from the archive...


    These are some of mine from a couple of years ago, but there are stacks there. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you can find the archives on the LHS.
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