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Thread: Is it ever too early to TT?????/

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    Default Is it ever too early to TT?????/


    My middle child has just started to pull his pants down and stand at the toilet with his older brother and pretend to do a wee. He also pulls the washing off the table (while i am folding it) and try and put on a pair of undies.
    He is only 20 months old is he too young to start TT????

    And are these signs of him wanting to TT???

    And should i wait till its a bit warmer to start??

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    THanks in advanve Nikki

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    My Ds was TT at this age as he was doing and showing some of these same things he was well and turely trained before he was 2 so I say if he is showing you all the right signs then go for it if he doesnt get it in and few weeks then try again at a latter date...

    wish my DD2 would train but she is no where near ready not showing one sign that she even wants to start yet....

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    nope not to early at all.. if he is showing an interest then see what he is interested in doing.. My sister's son is about the same age and is doing the occasional wee or poo in the potty..

    My Ds2 was TT at 23 months and DS3 at 25 months.. They chose when the time was right..

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    I think brilliant age.. My DS has been sitting on the potty since he was 7months old.. as they poop on schedule then.. feed them they poop! So now he is 17 months old and all trained..

    Was definilty worth it!!!

    Good luck!

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    Hi, there is a school of thought that claims it is never too early, google "elimination communication". I havent tried it but the theory seems very interesting.
    I think the idea is based on what tribal women have done, their babies never wear nappies. They use a sound cue when the child eliminates and eventually the child wees and poos on cue. Sounds good doesnt it?

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    I don't think there is an age that is too young as long as it doesn't upset the child or become something they hate etc... My mum has been putting Izzy on the potty every morning at her place after brekky because creature of routine that she is, she poo's at pretty much the same time every day! She started at 6 mths! I am a bit slack with it and don't remember to do it because I'm racing around most mornings but she did the same with my neices who were 10 mths and made cute grunting noises to let us know they wanted to sit on the potty to poo. I would say if he is interested then go with it!

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    Hi! These are definitely signs of readiness. Does he let you know when he has used his nappy? or even just beofre he uses his nappy? Sarah was imitating using the potty for quite some time before she realised that she was using her nappy, and now she will give us up to a minute's warning before she does something.

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