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Thread: Flannel Drying time - Whats going on?

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    Default Flannel Drying time - Whats going on?

    You know that nappy I made with old baby wraps. Well it was 8 (or 10 if you count the outter layers also) layers of flannel in the wet zone & I thought this was ok, as the flannel was pretty thin. Anyway Isla wore it, peed in it & I washed it. Now its been raining here so I just chucked it in the drier with the towels. Towels dry after an hour & half but nappy still felt damp so I left it in there with the jeans. so its been in the dryer for 3 hours now. ITS STILL DAMP! How the F can it still be damp after 3 hours in the drier? I figure because it was in with other stuff but gees still after 3 hours you would think it would be dry, wouldn't you?

    What does this mean if Isla had soaked it in half an hour yet its takeing alot to dry it?

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    Must be due to the amount of layers in there

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