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Thread: Flat nappies - shopping advice requested!

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    Default Flat nappies - shopping advice requested!


    I need some advice regarding flat nappies - where to get them, what to look for etc.

    I think I will be starting off with a mixture of flats and fitted/AIO/Pockets etc especially as i'm expecting a small baby.

    Where is the best place to get :
    • 1) terry flats
      2) flanellette flats
      3) muslin flats

    and when would you use each of these?

    How much would you expect to pay per flat nappy?

    Is there a good size to get or are they sold in one size only?

    I'm looking for really good quality flats rather than cheap and cheerful. Mum's still using mine as household rags 30 years on!!

    Any advice gratefully received, thanks.

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    I used mainly flanny flats ( and still do) until I got AIOs/fitted/pockets etc...

    I don't know about brands either (I didn't buy SIL did), but I do know that apparently, the falnny flats witht he blue stripe are definately the ones to get. The ones without the blue strip (the stripe is in the selvidge seam) are supposed to be inferior. That's what I've heard anyway. I've got the blue stripe ones and they are very good.

    I got the Big Softies brand of coloured terry flats. They're ok. No probs with them, except the blue and red ones ran for a few washes, but nothing major. Also got white ones, but dunno brand. Sorry.

    My advice tho, is if you are expecting a small bub, the terry ones may be too bulky. I hardly used my terry flats as Pup was small (6lbs) born and his bum was waaaay up in the air and only his head, bum and feet were touching the cot mattress. Didn't think it was good for his back!!! So stuck mainly to flannys. I did them up using a snib for a long time and then I got those Target PVC pilchers. Now I know better, I would always use the PUL covers or the wool ones.

    Oh and I think flats are only sold in one size?? I maybe wrong tho.


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    Definately Flanny flats for Nb...

    I bought mine with Blue stripe too, from a wholesale nappy warehouse, but I have been to so many I have no idea which one now!!!

    I fold them into triangle & triangle again & then pull them fairly tight on & tuck last side bit into first side bit then tie on with a snib...

    So no pin's etc!

    I also have terry flats & now the modern cloth....

    With Terry flats I use the white ones this time, but had all the bright bots last baby (7yrs)... I used a snappi & the PUL covers!

    I am pretty sure it's only one size......

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    I gave birth to a 6lb and only ever used Terry Toweling. A midwife showed me how to fold them to fit nice for a newborn bubba.

    I got all mine terry towelling from the supermarket


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    Ok, well there ya go, I must be a bad folder coz I found Indah to be balancing on her huge nappy butt, nothing was touching her mattress! hee hee

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