Well, there is waaaaay too much info out there! I'm going to see my friend tonight to see if her friend can give me a Tot's Bots discount, and I'm going to wait for the sales in the local-ish baby shop in January to pick up some from them (can't remember the brand), but that will give me about 8/11 size 1 covers and 37/49 nappies in 2/3 packs, I think, and I'll get the flushable bio-degradable liners too... must confess, the poo in the washing machine thing is going to bother me! Ah well, I'm sure it can't be that bad. And at least I will be confident about not running out if I have that many nappies!

I am thinking disposable for the birth centre, just because I don't want to take nappies home to wash and sit in a car with smelly pooey nappies that have been smelly and pooey for a few days. That's if I make it to the birth centre, still considering pretending to DH that I didn't realise I was in labour until the baby popped out.

Don't worry, Gigi - I'm sure you'll be hilarious when you're a mummy. Sleep deprivation makes anything amusing LOL.