thread: Had enough of toilets!

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    nharper Guest

    Had enough of toilets!

    My 3 and a half year old daughter has been toilet trained day and night for approx. 6 months now. But I still have to prompt her to go, otherwise, she leaves it so long that its a mad dash and accidents happen.

    A lot of the time when I do ask/tell her to go to the toilet, she ends up in tears because she doesn't want to go... but I know it has been several hours since the last time, and she should need to go by then.
    I don't think she's scared of going, but I don't want to have to prompt her to go, its bad enough having to remember to go myself!!!!!!!

    Has anyone else's child shown signs of not wanting to go to the toilet like this? Any suggestions?

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    BellyBelly Member

    Dec 2004

    I have not got children myself, but I have experienced this as a nanny.

    I found that, unfortunately, most children do need to be reminded. They just get soooo involved in play that they forget.
    So what I found quite helpful, was that i would tell the kids that they would get a stamp or sticker each time they went to the toilet. So maybe to start with you could remind your child to go to the toilet and tell her that if she goes without making a fuss, she will get a stamp or sticker afterwards. Then if that works, wait a week, and tell her that she is a big girl now and that you are going to make it harder and that she will only get a stamp/sticker if she remembers to go herself (of course you will have to keep an I on her and remind her if she hasn't gone in a while). This normally works with every child. You just have to make it fun for them, if that makes sense.

    Good Luck with it all. She will eventually get the hang of it. Some children just take longer then others.

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    Hi Nicole

    Kameron has been day trained for a little while now, but we still have the odd accidents and it is usually when he is heavily involved in playing. He will also ask me to goto the toilet even though he is quite capable of doing it himself, so that adds another min to the holding onto it time. So hgave no real advice I'm afraid. I do ask him if i know he hasn't been for a while, and if he says "no" I will leave him be or say "mummy has to go, come with mummy" Kam uses the potty most times still.