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    My three year old son is toilet trained and is 100% when it comes to wees. He was with poos too until recently he has started doing them in his undies or waiting until his night time pull up. It started about two weeks before our baby came along. I'm a bit stumped and not too sure the best thing to do to help him.
    If anyone has any ideas I would be grateful.

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    Hi- sounds like you have the same issue with your 3 y/o as i do.... I have honestly tried everything i have been suggested but nothing seems to be working... I have tried bribing him with stickers, presents etc, cheering like an idiot when he does do a little bit on the toilet, tried getting him to watch us, when he poos his undies or night nappy etc we put the poo in the toilet etc... the only thing that seems to work is patients and time.... Now i ask him regularly if he wants to go , he says no but we now say just try... we read to him, sing on the toilet etc just to distract him into trying to do one on the toilet...

    Good luck sorry i cant be more help

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