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Thread: help- can't get poo out!

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    Red face help- can't get poo out!

    Ok I'll admitt that i'm a dumb blonde but I just can't seem to get this washing thing right, the problem is---

    I can't seem to get the newborn BF baby poo out of my new Bambino mio nappies. I am soaking them in napisan overnight then pre rinsing them in the machine followed by a wash cycle and I've tried Omo, Earth liquid and green care liquid and still they come out stained. So how on earth do you guys get clean nappies when it seems that you don't use nappisan at all? I'd love to not need the napisan and just dry bucket thing but I don't see how when my nappies won't even come clean when I do nappisan them.

    I have had some success with lux flakes but i've been told in another thread not to use them as they leave a coating or something is this true?? If so why does it say on the back of the lux packet that they are especially for nappies?? and how have generations before us used them with no problems? Or does it not apply to terry flats??

    Sorry to need help with something so simple, I feel stupid but know one of you wonderful people will have a simple solution!! I'm new to cloth nappies with a new born, used them on my first DD but only after she started on solids so never encountered this before.

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    Hi Vic, sorry can't help you with the poo stains. When I did use clothies I just soaked them overnight in napisan and washed them in Lux as you said. Never had a problem with that, Oh then I line dried them.

    Perhaps these funky new cloth bums need more love. Either that or tell Oliva to stop pooing so much.

    Great to see you posting more on here to hun

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    Lux isn't recommended for MCN as it seems to hinder the absorbancy.

    Go for a day out on the line in full sun if you can and see if you see a difference.

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    Ditto on the sun, even if it's overcast the uv rays still can do the job. Just ask my DH who got sunburned on Saturday!

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