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Thread: Help Needed with Cloth Nappies

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    Default Help Needed with Cloth Nappies

    I am keen to continue using cloth nappies with my son who will be 9 months old on the 13th but I'm having difficulty finding ones that work well. I started out with flat, square, terry cloth nappies but was disappointed with how bulky they were even though I do like the origami fold as it is very absorbant. However, I feel that my son is quickly outgrowing that particular fold and I don't think any of the others will work as well for him, particularly at night. I am originally from the US (moved to Australia in 2000) and when my DH and I returned last month for a visit and to show off the baby I bought some flat pre-folds similar to what my mother used for me, my sister and my brother. I am disappointed with them as well as they are leaking even when I double nappy my son. So now I'm researching fitted cloth nappies as I like the trimmer fit, but again, what is most important to me is their absorbancy. If anyone can offer me advice on the best brand of fitted nappies it would be greatly appreciated. I noticed in the cloth nappy information thread a brand of nappies that are particularly for night use but I have never heard of them and wouldn't know where to look for them! HELP!!! I don't like having to use disposables on my son and would like to cut down from about 50% usage of disposable to about 5% useage if I could but that means getting some cloth nappies that REALLY work! I will look forward to hearing from anyone who has info to share!

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    Being a fitted cloth novice myself I can't offer too much advice

    Most of the nappies are bought online and can be found by googling the name of the nappy.
    Please join in our cloth nappy chatter thread [url=]HERE[/url] if you like. It's a great place to pick up some tips and discuss all things cloth!

    I've recently got some Baby Beehinds and have found them to be very good so far, and am planning on trying out some others soon!

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